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You are the salsa beneath my wings

You are the salsa beneath my wings
You are the sauce I dip my chips in
You are the zesty fire that stings my mouth and makes me sweat
You are the hot sauce that I dare not touch
You are the creamy smooth bechemel that I layer on pale sheets and bury in the red
You are the mustard for my sausage
The cream for my trifle
You are the relish of my life
You are the dressing on my salad
The taste explosion that blows my mind
You are the flavours of my heart
You are my world entwined
And everything I eat, I eat with you in mind.



Am putting together a book of poetry still:

Beautiful honey
Slow running like liquid gold
Thins to a thread
Before sputtering to a standstill
Then one last drop.
Sticky, so sticky
Covers everything
So how come it doesn’t Stick to the bees?