Spammy ads on Facebook

I’m too cynical. Well I think I am a bit more cynical than most people.

I’ve spotted these two ads on facebook in the last day or so and thought I’d share them.

What I notice is people using interesting techniques to make people rush to buy or sign up for something.

The first one is easy to understand. It implies he’s selling out fast of the product. The advert is simple as it shows the product and implies he’s running out fast. Very simple and effective. I’m sure it increased his sales as it shows people need to hurry to grab the bargain. (I’ll not go into the merits of people reselling dodgy tobacco here – kids if you want to smoke, just know it’s killing you, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day, soon and for the rest of your life)




The next ad is a bit more clever. Again they’ve made it look like they’re running out of spots. But notice the times on the second day’s listing. They should have at least added in the extra times and scrubbed them out.

12240308_10207821678757708_1579449215144210844_oNotice they managed to edit the 3 spaces with a red marker to show it was now one, but have used the technique to make it look like they’re really popular.
Now I might be just really cynical and they might have edited out the times that had been booked up or maybe they just forgot they could have edited the number of spaces available.

But be aware folks these very simple ‘scribble on’ changes to photos and adverts can make you feel like you’re going to miss out and that’s something you shouldn’t feel like when you’re looking at buying something.

It is such a simple thing – a quick scribble, probably whilst they’re designing the ad, to make it feel like they are popular and you should buy buy buy NOW!