Making fudge…

The perils of following a recipe.
I found a recipe for coconut ice on the carnation website. Made up some and it’s sat in the kitchen. But what to do with the other half of the tin of condensed milk? Fudge recipe? Oh there was one on the carnation website. So we followed it and cooked the fudge to 118’C as instructed.
It’s set like toffee. Other recipes say 114’C.

Allotment soup

One onion, one potato, a huge handful of mixed kale and chard and some perpetual spinach.
Chop onion and potato. Add to large pan with some oil. Stir.
Add water, add chopped green leaves and a stock cube (Chicken)
Add lid and cook until leaves are well wilted and potato is soft.
Put in bowl and eat.
Then remember you want photo of it and take a photo.remember to take photo before eating it all

Out to lunch

I went out with my husband for lunch yesterday. For my birthday! Just pub grub, but it was very nice. There was a TV on in the pub – sound down, on the news channel. I spotted on the ticker than Oldham MP Michael Meacher had died. I was quite shocked and said to the bar girl walking past about it.
Who? she said.
The MP, I said, Michael Meacher. The local MP.
She still looked as blank as a blank thing.
I’d only been up to his surgery once when we were campaigning to get the little bridge across the canal reinstated. He helped us with that. We were very grateful for his help in getting it sorted.

It means we’ll have a by-election now.

Writing group homework

It’s writing group this evening and yes once again I’m sat here trying to get my homework done. This will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me. I am master of doing things at the last minute. Which is probably why at half ten in the morning I am not able to write anything. Give it til this afternoon and I’ll probably be churning words out at a fair old rate of knots. But currently I’m becalmed, without words.

The theme is ‘Skin or kin’ 500 words. Pick either word or both.

Rate of knots made me think of being in the harbour at Seahouses.

fishing pots or baskets?

Chickens and castles


My friend Geoff has chickens. He’s had them for a few months now. We visited him recently when we were on our holidays up in North Northumberland.
He runs a website called NNOUK – – North Northumberland Online – and I’ve spent years looking at the lovely photos of the area. It was great to finally see these places for myself. It was just as lovely to go and meet his chickens too! They were very friendly!

keep at Bamburgh catsle
This is the keep at Bamburgh castle. You can’t go in this bit but you can walk all around the castle grounds and go into the state rooms. It’s very interesting to go and look at the furniture, armour, weapons and kitchen items they have on display.
There’s a museum of plane bits including propellers and engines.

This is the beautiful view off the Chain bridge after which Chain Bridge Honey Farm is named. It’s a bridge over the river to Scotland. If you go on the bridge (on foot) and a car comes on then be prepared to discover just how much the bridge moves.

Chain bridge on scottish border

We walked over and took the obligatory photo by the sign for Scotland and then walked back to England where we sat and waited for a vehicle to come along. Just look how much the bridge moves when the van goes on!

I’ve spent the day reading books …

I finally worked out my amazon account issue and bought a couple of books.

This one, Random Bullets
is by my friend Joy Mutter. I started reading it and have spent all day glued to it! It’s got an intriguing start to the story and you need to know what’s happened to make this situation come about. I won’t spoil it – but you should buy it now and start reading it.

(For US readers use this link to amazon dot com – Random Bullets

The second is by Punam FarmahPlaying with plant pots: Tales from the allotment and tells the story of her allotmenting. It’s a lovely look at someone’s allotment history with some lovely tempting mentions of delicous saag in the main part of the book you’ll be glad to know that there are some recipes included in there too. I’m going to stock up my spice cupboard and get cooking.

For US readers use this link: Playing with plant pots: Tales from the allotment

I already make a saag-a-like soup using mixed leaves from my plot and a bit of onion and potato. You cook with a chicken stock cube and then blend up until it’s a lovely dark green colour and smooth. It’s really yummy. Today’s had two types of kale, red chard, yellow chard, and perpetual spinach in. It would have been completely off the allotment but I used an onion I had left from the last lot of onions I bought rather than one I’ve harvested recently.