How many modules?

I want to do my BBKA modules. They’re an 1 1/2 hour written exam. In theory I can do up to four at a time. I think one or two is a sensible number. I am not sure whether to do 1 or 2 though. I’m tempted to do 2 at a time because – well the first one is basically the basics of keeping bees so should be fairly easy. Module 2 is about honey.

So should I take two exams this November?

I’ll have to practice writing by hand! I did an application form last week and that made my arm ache!

Chicken nipples

Not a delicacy in the asian supermarket. Well not that I know of, but I’ve not delved to the bottom of the freezers and searched amongst the strange packets.

Apparently they’re for giving chickens water from a bottle like a hamsterĀ bottle.

But it’s caught your attention now. Do chickens have nipples? They shouldn’t as they are not mammals and do not suckle their young. And I’ve never seen a raw cold chicken naked in the tray with it’s nipples hanging out. They often look like they have goosebumps though. Should that be chickenbumps?

The written word

The written word is seldom heard
Because it is not spoken.
The mumbled noises we make
are but a mere token
Of the sounds we can exhale and scream and squeak
And nothing sounds as croaky as a smiling beak.

So shout and scream those words outloud
And let us hear them hum
Resonance is best enjoyed
When words are almost sung.