Am putting together a book of poetry still:

Beautiful honey
Slow running like liquid gold
Thins to a thread
Before sputtering to a standstill
Then one last drop.
Sticky, so sticky
Covers everything
So how come it doesn’t Stick to the bees?

Arson at the apiary

On 15th February 2015, we suffered an arson attack on our allotment apiary.
One hive was burnt to the ground and another damaged. Another four were doused in thinners and might need new colonies of bees.
The damage is horrific.
I won’t post the photos here but if you want to look you can go to our facebook page and see them or direct to the gofundme page to help buy John new bee hives to replace the ones burnt and damaged.

If you could share the page with your friends that’d be great.

It is beyond our belief that anyone would take any argument out on the bees themselves. We do not have any proof of who did this revolting crime.