Did I mention the snow?

Snow is still falling
The teeniest flakes wafting about
Flippantly defying gravity
Until they are sucked down to the ground
And layer up to form a blanket.
Cat footprints on my front path
Tiny dots pricked into the snow
Car lines drawn down the road
Someone clears their path with a brush.
Pointless whilst the snow still falls
Weeping from a wan sky.

Rain batters the window

The rain batters the window
Loud enough to wake me
And in the dim light
I see the morning hour on the clock.
The pattering of tiny raindrops
thrown up against the glass
sounds like a million footprints
The wind howls through the trees in the distance
And the rain smashes again on to the pane
Rain sounds icy cold
And so I stay there in the warm
Until the darkness fades.

Finger tips on the window

The car windows are steamed up
Nothing had happened inside
Finger tips rest on the glass
Making holes
Fingers tracing patterns
In the side window
Where nothing ever happens
Tiny finger tip drawings
And then scrubbed clean
So the driver can see out
Art work melted into dribbles of water
Finger tips resting on the glass
As if nothing happened.


Doors open, doors shut
Nothing says hello as much as an open door.
Invites you in
And sits you down.
Come on through.
When the door is shut
The silence bodes
And dares you not to knock.
To disturb the quiet
As you stand close to the closed door.

Bang your folded hand against the door
Hollow sounds rebound
No one home
The house stays quiet
yet you knock again
In case they didn’t hear
the crash of your knuckles

Cold feet

I can’t get the words moving today
My word doc sits there
Typed in a few words
And faded away again.
My feet are icy
And I am distracted by the fog

Quick Haiku

Cold feet freezing toes
Numb inside my socks and shoe
Frozen blood in foot.

Hours and love, memories destroyed

It was a work of art
Time spent, hours plundered from the rest of life
Away in this oasis of green
He turned it into a sweep-able patch
And loved it.
Every weed-killed inch of it.
And now it is being removed.
Stone by stone.
Back breaking ache by ache.
All his work undone.
Because no one else can have it.
So burn it down, smash it up
Remove every bit of good.
Because like the plants he grew
You are bitter and poisoned.

And then there was none

It was busy
So busy, people milling, lifting carrying moving.
Crowded with one family so busy
Doing their duty
Death duty.
And then the work slowed and dribbled to a halt
Nothing left for it
But to go.
And leave it all alone.
And then the silence fell
As softly as the snow
Which glowed from the sky
Like it was alight.