Have just been reading about someone who is depressed by the problems in the UK. He feels helpless. I don’t think he should.

There are things within our world that we can alter, but mostly we can only alter our reaction to things.

You can give yourself power by doing something about the things you perceive as issues:
Writing letters to the local paper, local MP, prime minister, getting the media involved to highlight issues, starting a charity to deal with issues, joining a political party, taking some other positive action.

It is only when we sit and do nothing that nothing happens.
We can make the world a better place even if it’s only that bit of world that exists in our own heads. And isn’t that bit worth looking after?

The storyline

Sort of life planning.

Click to access storyline-productivity-schedule.pdf


Project 1 (H: M:) and reward
Project 2(H: M:) and reward
Project 3 (H: M:) and reward
(Can be one project split up)

To do list
Life theme

If I could live today over again I’d…

Things I get to enjoy today


A sheet every day for 30 days to get you into the habit of it.

I like the idea of “If I could live today over again I’d..”

I’d eat a smaller piece of christmas cake in the afternoon.


I heard barking so went to see
As it sounded like it was behind the tree
And sure enough there was a dog
On the plot in the fog.
David was there fending it off
And it came to see me too
And barked again at what it saw
Me standing by the main gate
Watch out for dog poo fellow plotters
This dog has been on your alloters!



Pre-empting the urge for new year’s resolutions, I’ve dug out my clarinet. I’ve had it for a few years now and I am afraid to say that I can’t play it. I can get notes out of it, but have little patience for learning musical instruments. I have owned a guitar since I was 14ish and still can’t play anything.

Mince pies and cake

Happy Holidays we celebrate with cake
Mince pies and mulled wine, and all things fine
More fizzy wine with some turkey dinner
Nothing that helps to me get thinner.
Watching cartoon films on TV
Unwrapping presents bought for me.
Happy Christmas one and all
Where ever you spend the day
At home, at work, or in stable stall.

Oh it arrived

The muck man arrived with a load of muck for me yesterday!

I made a start moving it and moved about twenty barrow loads before I decided that was enough for one day. First day doing any serious anything on the allotment so as expected when I cooled down I began to ache. I had a lovely hot bath and a sleep and feel mostly ok. It’s raining this morning though so I’m not out there now moving it.
I scrounged a piece of tarp off Steve who had popped on to site to do a bit on his plot and he helped me cover it over. So in theory it’ll be nice and dry still when I get back out there to move some more.
It’s quite light in comparison to the stuff we normally get. (Different muck man and this is horse!) Because it was light I managed to move loads – the wetter claggier stuff is harder work as you might expect. This was easy to move into the barrow.

I’ve also got to oil the padlock on my shed (Or at least work out where the replacement one I bought is)